Digital Moms

Interesting report from Razorfish on moms and their use of digital technology. The report is geared toward marketers, urging them to heed the 32 million moms that are both consumers and producers of online content. Important considerations for marketers:

  • Moms look to social networks for advice and information
  • Connect to moms through a combination of activities and personal channels, leveraging “mom 2.0” abilities of content creation and distribution
  • Do more than reach moms – need to engage them

It strikes me that this is good advice for educators as well. Won’t “digital moms” become increasingly impatient with their children’s non-digital experiences at school? This should be a concern for anyone involved in education.

“…engaging the socially networked mom goes beyond strengthening brand metrics with her as an individual consumer. It is about leveraging the benefits of her personal word of mouth and pass-along through everyday social networking activities. These result in her trusted brand messages being disseminated and well received by the broader population—the ultimate goal of social influence marketing.”