Connected Parents

On the heels of my Digital Moms post yesterday comes this article from the Washington Post: Well-Connected Parents Take On School Boards: Web-Savvy Activists Push for Educational Change.

“For a new generation of well-wired activists in the Washington region, it’s not enough to speak at Parent-Teacher Association or late-night school board meetings. They are going head-to-head with superintendents through e-mail blitzes, social networking Web sites, online petitions, partnerships with business and student groups, and research that mines a mountain of electronic data on school performance.”

Seems that digital moms can be a force to be reckoned with. But school boards have to take notice:

“Officials caution that the new technology has turned up the volume for select parent voices. It can be especially apparent in parts of Fairfax or Montgomery where well-educated parents are not afraid to throw their weight around and register complaints with a phone call to the superintendent or the media. Blast e-mails and Web sites give these parents even more of an edge, compared with others who lack time or resources, some observers say.”

This only further serves to further divide the haves from the have-nots. Those with web access and knowledge have the floor, so business as usual.