Today in London …

Sunshine in London

So, a non-educational post, because it was just a spectacular day in London.

The sun was shining and the weather turned warm. Everyone was walking around with a smile.

Groups of costumed university students were galloping through the tube on their way to some meet-up event. Lots of super heroes, Disney characters, Elvis impersonators, and giant bananas …

Throngs of people turned out for a gigantic St. Patrick’s Celebration in Trafalgar Square. They actually had to close the square because the turn-out was so large. Didn’t matter, you could hear the music all around the streets.

Buskers were everywhere: street corners, alleyways, Covent Garden, tube stations – and all the music was wonderful.

The trees seemed to be blossoming when you glanced up at them. Someone said, “Ah, that’s a good sign. It means pleasant weather the next six months …”

Stopping for mussels and frites at Belgo … how decadent.

Walking miles up Regent Street looking for a super plexus (only to admit defeat). Does it really exist?!

Warm and sleepy train ride back to Cobham … and now the sun is setting. What a day!

Recent Links 03/15/2009

  • Edmodo is a private microblogging platform that teachers and students can use to send notes, links, files, alerts, assignments, and events to each other.

    Teachers sign up for accounts, and then create groups. Each group has a unique code which is distributed by the teacher to the class. Students then sign up (no email address required) and join the group using the code.

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