Recent Links 03/17/2009

  • Morbid, but interesting: Death Switch allows you to have emails (filled with passwords, important files, videos, pictures) sent upon your death (all for a small yearly fee). The information is kept secure until you don’t respond to several cues from an automated system.

    One creepy thought – what if you don’t get your email for some reason and it triggers the death switch?

    tags: death, planning, services

  • -Opts you out of profiling by advertising and content networks who track your behavior as you visit different websites – learn how this works
    -Consolidates scores of individual opt-out buttons from dozens of networks, including Google AdSense, DoubleClick, Yahoo! and AOL
    -Doesn’t require you to turn-off cookies completely or manage privacy settings site-by-site
    -Is one of several ways to protect your browsing privacy
    -May result in you seeing less relevant advertising

    tags: privacy

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