Recent Links 03/23/2009

  • “… in the UCaPP world, the reframing of identity as being collaboratively constructed suggests that the foundation of our contemporary education system must similarly be reframed. In my view, this means replacing the 3 Rs of the modern education system with the 4 Cs of an education system that is consistent with living on this side of the break boundary. Those 4 Cs are Connection, Context, Complexity, and Connotation.”

    tags: 21st century learning, educational reform

  • At least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day, while 75 million children worldwide are not in school. By pooling surprisingly small investments, we can help to significantly improve educational access and economic development. It’s called The Small Things Challenge, and partnering with Kiva and Save the Children, it’s a campaign based on the premise that every small action can make a big difference to ensure quality education and economic opportunity for all. Visit and click on the link; Intel will donate 25¢ per click.

    tags: charity, kiva, global citizenship, fund raising

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