The state of US education

Everyone should read Education Spin from Looking into the President’s speech regarding the state of US education, the Annenberg folks found:

  • The high school dropout rate hasn’t “tripled in the past 30 years.” According to the DOE, it has declined by a third.
  • Eighth grade math scores haven’t “fallen” to ninth place compared to other countries. US scores have climbed to that ranking from 28th place in 1995.
  • Regarding the goal of “having the highest proportion of college graduates in the world” by 2020 … the US is currently second only to Norway in the percentage of adults with a 4-year bachelor’s degree – and trails by only 1 percentage point.

Worth reading.

Recent Links 03/31/2009

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News from the front …

In The Guardian from March 26th:

Education unions plan 2010 Sats boycott

Teachers are threatening to bring the Sats system in England to a halt by boycotting next year’s tests.

Two of the biggest education unions will ask their members to refuse to take part in the tests, which they say have become “unacceptable for the future of children’s education.”

Would a boycott like this ever happen in the US? Probably not …

Rest of the article here.