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  • is a handy little application that lets you search for, and store, recipes from all over the web in one place. And there is more: when you are on your other favorite food sites, you can add recipes to your universal recipe box with a simple click using the toolbar. You can even upload your own recipes to the mix.

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Recently found … 04/21/2009

  • RSSFEED.ME is a browser-based feed / headline ticker. Watch latest posts and headlines from feeds you subscribe to pop out on your screen as you work.

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  • Turn Google searches into tiny rss feeds. Get instant updates whenever a new result appears significantly on Google. Free yourself from the noise of results moving up and down; only get what is new to your search.

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  • RSS to Email ~ Feed to Email: Blogs, Feeds and News magically delivered to your email

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Orwellian Education?

Richard Pring‘s report published by the Nuffield Review looks at education as now “dominated by the language of management” and symptomatic of the erosion of classic learning goals and values.

“The need to measure everything and to find equivalents for different types of education arises from a natural enough desire to achieve value-for-money, and to promote different routes for young people.

But it can also be a strait-jacket, implying that all types of learning can, and should, be forced into the same model …”

More, as reviewed by the BBC.

Recently found … 04/20/2009

  • We Are Hunted is the Online Music Chart. We aggregate social networks, forums, music blogs, Torrents, P2P Networks and Twitter to develop a daily chart of the 99 most popular songs online.

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  • A place to enjoy, discuss and create custom animations
    A place to collaborate with others by using and sharing props

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  • Taskbarn is a web-based project collaboration tool with a focus on ease of use, transparency, and feed-friendly updates. Taskbarn covers the basics of project management, including assigning due dates to tasks and marking parties responsible for completing them. In addition to the standard tools, each project is set up with a unique feed. Updates to the project can be published both within the Taskbarn feed and to an external Twitter account. Each feed update can be given a file attachment of up to 10MB—handy for tossing in pictures and voice messages to keep a group posted on progress. In addition to task management and publication of project updates, there is a messaging system for keeping up with your fellow collaborators and a notes section for attaching notes and files that don’t quite fit into the task list. There is a 100MB limit on file storage, so if you’re working with bulky multimedia files, you’ll need some alternate storage space. Taskbarn is a free web-based service.

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  • Create an invitation to an event, enter the email addresses of the people you need feedback from, and send it out. You can limit the range of dates from leaving the entire year open for vote to limiting it selecting from two days. The recipients don’t need to sign up to use the service, they simply follow the link that arrives in their email and select the date that works best for them.

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Encyclopedic Death

Interesting … an article from the Chronicle of Higher Education:

Microsoft’s Encarta, Rendered Obsolete by Wikipedia, Will Shut Down

Microsoft has announced that it will soon euthanize Encarta, the onetime encyclopedia-of-the-future that has lost much of its luster in the last decade. But the company really didn’t have much choice in the matter: For all intents and purposes, Wikipedia had fatally shivved Encarta some time ago.

And Microsoft admits that. In recent years, “the category of traditional encyclopedias and reference material has changed,” the company said in a statement on the shutdown. “People today seek and consume information in considerably different ways than in years past.” So there’s really only one question left to be answered: Should Encarta be mourned?

Should it?