Recently found … 11/17/2009

  • “Online timer stopwatch lets Internet users time a test, class, meeting, speech, contest, auction, experiment, phone call, game, etc.”

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  • Open access journals provide high quality scholarly information at no cost. Most of the journals are published just once or a few times a year, so subscribe to several to keep up-to-date on the latest educational research.

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  • With a free account, create charts and graphs for websites, blogs, social network profiles.

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  • “The ISTE Classroom Observation Tool (ICOT®) is a FREE online tool that provides a set of questions to guide classroom observations of a number of key components of technology integration.”

    tags: classroom observation, teacher observation, educational administration

  • “The TPR is a low-inference classroom observation instrument you can use to gather, analyze, and report data on teacher behaviors. The full TPR system will help you practice data-based decision making to guide and evaluate job-embedded professional development – PD that makes a positive difference in students’ academic lives.”

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  • “Mobile Teacher Evaluation and Walkthrough Software for Principals By using TESA, our fully customizable teacher evaluation and classroom walkthrough software, principals can reduce the amount of time they spend accumulating and organizing their evaluation data. With only a Pocket PC handheld computer or Tablet PC in hand, TESA allows school principals to accurately and effortlessly record teacher evaluations or walk throughs in their custom evaluation methodology.”

    tags: classroom observation, teacher observation, educational administration

  • Classroom Walkthrough and Classroom Observation Tools to Drive Achievement.

    “Classroom Walkthrough technology is a simple data collection application that can be added to most wireless handheld devices (e.g Palms, Blackberrys, Windows Mobile devices). Once uploaded, the data are shaped into reports, graphs, and eventually, insight. Teams of teachers at grade-level meetings and in faculty committees examine the data, working toward a shared goal of improving instruction and boosting student achievement. Areas of strength and needed growth are quickly identified so professional development can be planned appropriately.”

    tags: classroom observation, teacher observation, educational administration

  • “One System for Classroom Walk-Throughs, Teacher Observations, Administrator Growth, and Professional Development.

    iObservation is a comprehensive system that advances professional growth by supporting reflective thought and dialogue around improving instructional practice. It enables administrators to focus on instructional leadership and facilitates the alignment of district initiatives while staying compliant with state and district requirements.”

    tags: classroom observation, teacher observation, educational administration

  • “Collecting data on classroom instruction is one of the most important jobs of a school principal. Now, you can leverage the power and ease of a handheld computer to capture the most important instructional activities that occur during observations.

    T-Observe is a software program that resides on your Palm or Windows desktop/laptop and is synchronized to your Palm OS handheld computer (Pocket PC coming soon). It was created using HanDBase (, a nationally recognized PDA software development company with years of experience. T-Observe does not replace a district’s evaluation process but augments that process by streamlining work and keeping accurate records of observations. “

    tags: classroom observation, teacher observation, educational administration

  • Software for more accurate teacher observation and evaluation, eCOVE Classroom Observation Software is a collection of objective data collection tools to gather data on classroom behaviors.

    tags: classroom observation, teacher observation, educational administration

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