NASA’s S’Cool Program

Any primary or secondary school teacher and his or her class is eligible to participate in S’COOL. We suggest students be at least nine to ten years old, but younger students have successfully participated and are welcome if the teacher feels it is appropriate. Teachers are invited to participate as it best fits with the curriculum they are teaching in the classroom. Note that there are many cross-disciplinary lesson plan ideas available. Occasionally Intensive Observing Periods (IOP) will still be announced, during which we would like to receive the most observations possible to contribute to validation of the CERES instrument data. The S’COOL letter of invitation provides details on how to register with the project. Find out How to Participate.

Those not at a fixed site such as a school are also invited to participate through the Rover part of the project.

Absolute requirements are: a teacher, some students, a place to observe the sky, and a convenient satellite overpass. We also suggest a few other items.

Current Participants

S’COOL currently reaches over 2800 schools in all 50 states and in over 75 countries. Most Recent MapComplete list of those who are currently active observers.

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