Recently found … 10/20/2011

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    • While charters are designed to facilitate innovation and academic success for students, not all charters are created equal, so the boom might not be entirely good news for kids.
    • overall, charters have a mixed achievement record. Stanford’s 2009 CREDO study, which remains the largest comparison study of charters and traditional public schools, found that only 17 percent of charters performer better than their traditional peers.
    • while they offer more personalized learning experiences, charters aren’t immune to the pressures of standardized testing
    • The question too few people are asking is what’s happening in those highly effective charter schools to make them work so well? Instead of ensuring that those ideas are passed back to traditional schools and to other charters, districts are handing out new charters like candy, creating an atmosphere where pretty much anyone with some semblance of a plan can open a school.

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