Recently found … 10/03/2013

  • tags: student engagement educational reform instructional strategies

    • Children often react with boredom to the overloaded or homogenized curriculum that dispenses facts to be memorized without providing time for discovery. The stress of boredom increases with the students’ frustration of inadequate opportunities to connect to content through their curiosity, strengths and interests.
    • Students are more invested in personally relevant learning.
    • Connect topics with current events at the school, community or global level.
    • Activate prior knowledge and personalize learning.
    • Performance tasks, inquiry and student-centered learning make learning relevant
    • When your students are discovering, thinking and questioning, they are building the neural networks of executive function, becoming interested, engaged, self-propelled learners who experience greater success and satisfaction. By creating engaging instruction and building students’ skillsets to master stressors such as boredom, you’ll be more than a great educator motivating their learning. You’ll be saving their brains!

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