For Type Geeks …

My husband and I were once graphic designers (back in the 80s in NYC) … and although we rarely flex those muscles any more now that we’re both in the education biz (except the occasional t-shirt and poster here and there), we still have a habit of playing “name the typeface” when watching movies. Those raised on computers would roll their eyes (read: daughter) when we start debating whether the curve of a serif is more Palatino than Century, or whether Kabel has more style than Helvetica … possibly only those of us who used to painfully set headlines on a typositor would understand …

For all of us, here’s a brilliant video celebrating “A Brief History of Title Design” by Ian Albinson:

A Brief History of Title Design from Ian Albinson on Vimeo.

Common Craft Explains Wikipedia

Another high quality explanation from Common Craft:

“Wikipedia is an amazing resource, but it’s not always clear what helps to ensure that the articles are factual and high quality. This video discusses wiki technology and the policies that make Wikipedia work. We worked with the Wikimedia Foundation to ensure that it reflects Wikipedia’s values and practices. It teaches:

Why an online encyclopedia is needed
The basics of editing a wiki website
How volunteers work to ensure quality
The two big rules that govern every article”

Link to the video page.

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Google Search Stories

By now, everyone’s probably seen this charming video:

Of course, Google now makes it unbelievably easy to create search stories by plugging in some search terms, selecting music, and voilá! What a great project to do with kids – quick and simple story-telling, 21st century style (and a great way to teach inference!)

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School principals, register for your school’s free AMERICA The Story of US DVD*

America The Story of US – premiering on HISTORY™ April 25 at 9pm/8c – is a six week event that provides a fascinating look at the stories of the people, events, and innovations that forged our nation. It will provide you with an unprecedented opportunity to bring our nation’s history to life for your students. This 12-hour series will be supported by educational materials tied to curriculum standards and is copyright cleared for Fair Use in the classroom by instructors or pupils in the course of face-to-face teaching activities.

* HISTORY is offering America The Story of US on DVD to every school in the United States. School must be an accredited public, private or home school, grades K-12 and college. In order to receive your school’s DVD, your school principal (grades K-12) or Dean of Students (college) should fill out the request form below. HISTORY strictly limits each school to one request. DVD requests must be made prior to July 1, 2010. DVDs will be mailed around August 2010, and free shipping is included in this offer.

Sign up here.

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