Small World Travel … Family Adventures

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

In conjunction with Small World Travel, I would like to suggest the most valuable learning experience your family can undertake: extended journeys.

Small World Travel’s mission is to make your children citizens of the world by exposing them to cultural diversity and inviting them to venture outside of their comfort zone.  Some of our clients have elected to do this on a grand scale by embarking on around-the-world journeys for a up to a year (sometimes more!).  With the world as classroom and quality time together as the guide, children have learned more than any school could teach them and families have come away with a lifetime of memories.

Every around-the-world journey is highly customized by Small World Travel to meet the goals and pace of each family. We understand the educational aspects and the amount of support time required to orchestrate such a journey, which can constantly change, from the first day of planning to the return home. Our clients put us on retainer for the duration of the planning and expedition, and we work hand-in-hand with them on all aspects of the experience.

Not only does Small World Travel plan every aspect of the journey (itineraries, lodging, touring, guiding, visas, medical concerns, etc.), we also provide curriculum materials so that families can feel comfortable that their children receive full credit for the educational aspect of the journey. (Click on the EDUCATION link on the Small World website).

To understand the value of this experience, visit the online travel journals of two families currently undertaking their round-the-world voyages:

365 Saturdays

6 Explorers

For more information, visit the Small World Travel round-the-world webpage. You will never have a more rewarding family experience.