Today in London …

Sunshine in London

So, a non-educational post, because it was just a spectacular day in London.

The sun was shining and the weather turned warm. Everyone was walking around with a smile.

Groups of costumed university students were galloping through the tube on their way to some meet-up event. Lots of super heroes, Disney characters, Elvis impersonators, and giant bananas …

Throngs of people turned out for a gigantic St. Patrick’s Celebration in Trafalgar Square. They actually had to close the square because the turn-out was so large. Didn’t matter, you could hear the music all around the streets.

Buskers were everywhere: street corners, alleyways, Covent Garden, tube stations – and all the music was wonderful.

The trees seemed to be blossoming when you glanced up at them. Someone said, “Ah, that’s a good sign. It means pleasant weather the next six months …”

Stopping for mussels and frites at Belgo … how decadent.

Walking miles up Regent Street looking for a super plexus (only to admit defeat). Does it really exist?!

Warm and sleepy train ride back to Cobham … and now the sun is setting. What a day!