Measures of Effective Teaching

The recently released preliminary findings around the Measures of Effective Teaching study provide some important insight into teacher evaluation. One of the most critical is the predictive validity of the Danielson Framework for Teaching.*

However, I was struck by this statement:

“…the teachers whose students show gains on the state tests also tend to see unusual gains on other tests. Because the BAM test focuses more on conceptual understanding and uses a very different format than most state tests, this would imply that those teachers who are showing strong value-added scores on the state test are not simply “teaching to the test”. Their impact seems to generalize to other tests as well.”

This suggests that students who engage with content in a meaningful manner (i.e. not just memorize in preparation for testing) will still do well on low-level standardized tests. Will this finding influence test-prep mania that has gripped our schools?

Read the entire preliminary report – download here.


*full disclosure: I am a consultant for the Danielson Group