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    • The end of a class period may often feel like a time to slow down and regroup before another set of students arrives. An alternate view is that these last moments, which usually occur when ideas have had a chance to marinate, can be a time when quiet thinkers finally articulate their ideas and move toward Freire’s idea of concientizacion. In these moments, students can deepen their own learning, and entire groups can share ideas and make meaning of content. Additionally, the time when a large piece of work is submitted is an important opportunity for students to articulate their own learning and self-evaluate in order to improve learning and the quality of their work for the future.
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    • A Third Way poll found that the perception of the teaching profession is particularly dismal among high-achieving undergraduate students: not only do Millennials believe that the profession has become less prestigious over the last few years, these students also view teaching to be out of line with the tenets they most value in a career.


      This report proposes 5 big policy shifts at the national level to modernize the teaching profession, from creating a national standard for teaching practice and refusing to subsidize teacher prep programs whose graduates don’t make the grade, to providing immediate student loan relief to teachers, paying and promoting them like professionals, and transitioning them to a modern, portable retirement system.

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